Lifeforce energy awakening process (LEAP)

LEAP is a direct transmission of life force energy that naturally activates a deep self-awakening process, also known as kundalini awakening. LEAP aims to activate and/or increase the life force energy that we all possess. It helps you live more in the moment, be with what is, in acceptance and trust. From head, to heart.

In our lives, we develop thought and behavior patterns that can limit us. These patterns are often laid in our upbringing or are caused, for example, by trauma, and, like rocks in a river, they prevent the life force energy from flowing optimally. During a LEAP session, vibrations are created with music and energy work. This leads to shifts in our brain waves and internal processes within our body. The rocks in the river crumble, and your life force energy can flow with full force again.

Kundalini is one of the names given to this powerful universal energy. Often, we use only a small part of its full potential. Once awakened, it causes changes within our brain structure and central nervous system. What no longer serves you can be released, and new connections can be made. This makes healing and transformation possible and leads to a greater awareness. So that you can let go of who you became and remember who you are in your true essence.

LEAP combines aspects and ancient wisdom of other (holistic) methods. What is different about LEAP is that it does not work through willpower. It is an intuitive process through surrender. Surrender always sounded passive to me, like 'giving up'. Now I know that surrender is for persistent people. It requires letting go of control and resistance on a very deep level, both physically, mentally and emotionally. As a facilitator, I am the catalyst in this process.

Experience LEAP

During a session

During the session, you will lie down with your eyes closed on a yoga mat. The music played during the session helps you to get out of your head and surrender more easily to the process. As a facilitator, I will intuitively touch certain points on your body. All you need to do is open yourself up to the process with curiosity, allowing whatever comes up to be experienced and expressed.

Suffering is caused by the stories that we as humans attach to our emotions. But if you can detach from those stories during LEAP sessions by fully surrendering to what comes up, emotions are just a sensation of the body that can be experienced in trust and safety. From head, to heart.

You may have different experiences during the session, such as sudden movements, images (as if you are daydreaming), emotional releases, feelings of bliss or profound realizations. LEAP is also experienced as a clearing process. Things may come up that you were not able to process before. But because it is a natural process without any substances involved, you can trust that nothing will come up that you cannot handle. The energy and your body know exactly what you need at that moment. It leads you back to your essence.

The experience is unique for everyone, and different every session.

Most common benefits of LEAP:

  • Increased connection with your intuition
  • Increased sensitivity through expanded consciousness
  • Increased self-confidence, authenticity, and resilience
  • Increased creativity and productivity
  • Becoming aware of and being able to let go of limiting behavior and thought patterns
  • Increased vitality and energy
  • Relief from stress and tension
  • Increased mental clarity and calmness
  • Living more consciously, being more present in the moment
  • Increased feelings of acceptance, harmony, and joy

To go deeper into the process, it is recommended to attend 3 to 5 sessions. This will allow you to fully experience the effects.

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