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A LEAP session is a gift to yourself. A moment to unwind from the demands of life in society. It is an invitation to fully experience yourself, the light and the dark, the pleasant and the less pleasant parts. Can you surrender to what is? It helps you (re)realize that you don't need fixing, you are already whole.

LEAP Groupssessions

Price: € 55,00

A group session is a special way to experience LEAP. A group is more than the sum of its individuals, it affects the energy and the experience. You strengthen each other's process which leads to a deep feeling of connection and recognition. Everyone is welcome. Be curious about what the process brings you. Click below to see when the next group session is held.

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LEAP Small group

Price € 75,00

Are you curious about experiencing LEAP in a more intimate group? This includes more time to share and connect with each other after the session.

If you want to surrender with only known people such as friends or family, then a 'LEAP small group' session can be booked privately. Surrendering together, carried by each other, deeper into the process? Contact me for the possibilities.

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LEAP Private session

Price € 220,00

Do you want to experience LEAP in the most personal way, in a 1-on-1 setting? Send me a message and we'll organize it..

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