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Maura Brekarts

About me

As a mother of two young children, in a blended family, and with a busy job as a manager in a psychiatric elderly clinic, I have been the living example of a 'walking head' in recent years. Control-needy, perfectionistic, and disconnected from my body and my needs. I was someone who liked to explain things from science and reason, even in my previous work as a psychologist. Until a few years ago, this way of life had never really caused me any problems, on the contrary even. But when I almost burned out for the third time in 1,5 years, I realized that I needed something different.

LEAP came into my life in 2022 and 'Wow' I am so grateful for that. Among other things, I now experience less stress, make different choices, have more patience with the children, and enjoy life more by taking things as they are, in the moment. Right after the first session, I already felt that LEAP is something that suits me and that I'd love to share with many more people. That's why I'm so grateful that I've become a facilitator.

Over the years, I have experienced various methods that contribute to personal growth, both within alternative and conventional medicine. This has brought me the insight that the essence of these methods is often the same, but the path towards it is different. For me, LEAP is all-encompassing. Yes, it's something that can't be fully explained by reason. But the effects are so profound that I no longer have the need to fully explain it with the mind. And if I can let go of this need, you can let go too. All that remains for you is to be open to change and to come and experience it.

With love,

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